TN 2 (01-03)

GN 01727.125 Eligibility for Portuguese Benefits Under the Agreement

A. Policy general

The agreement provides that Portugal will count a workers U.S. coverage, where necessary, when determining eligibility for Portuguese benefits under the general system or special occupational systems if the worker:

1. is not insured based on Portuguese coverage alone, and

2. has at least 12 months of Portuguese coverage.

B. Policy crediting U.S. coverage

Portugal will credit 3 months of Portuguese coverage for each quarter of U.S. coverage. However, Portugal will not credit any month that is already credited as a month of coverage under the Portuguese system.

NOTE: In some cases, the benefits provided under the Portuguese special systems for special occupational categories are more favorable than those under the general system. Portugal will take into account U.S. periods of coverage to meet the eligibility requirements for these special system benefits, but only if they were completed in an occupation or profession similar to that covered by the special system.

C. References

  • Portuguese benefit eligibility requirements, GN 01727.020

  • Application for benefits under the Portuguese agreement, GN 01727.215

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