TN 6 (04-23)

GN 01727.130 Computation of Portuguese Totalization Benefits

A. Computing Portuguese Totalization benefits

When Portugal establishes entitlement to Portuguese retirement, survivors, or disability benefits based on combined U.S. and Portuguese coverage, the amount of the Totalization benefit that Portugal will pay is proportional to the worker's periods of coverage and earnings credited under Portuguese law. Portugal does not take into account the worker's U.S. coverage and earnings for computation purposes.

B. Special minimum benefits for Portuguese residents

If a Portuguese resident qualifies for a Totalization benefit from Portugal, as well as a U.S. benefit, and the amount of the combined benefits would be less than the minimum benefit payable under Portuguese law, Portugal will pay a supplement sufficient to raise the combined benefits to the minimum benefit amount.

C. Field Office (FO) actions

When a beneficiary submits a written request to a FO for a Portuguese Totalization benefits recomputation:

  • Develop any lag earnings; and

  • Follow the procedure in GN 01702.310C.


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