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GN 01730.310 Austrian Agency Requests for Medical Examinations

A. Background

If an Austrian liaison agency requests a medical examination for a U.S. resident, DIO will schedule the examination and send the results to the Austrian agency.

B. Process

The following process is used for obtaining examinations for Austria (See GN 01704.810 for general information on processing requests for medical examinations.)

  • Austrian agency requests for medical examinations are made in item 6.1 on Form A/USA 2 which is accompanied by a Form A/USA 6, (Disability Liaison Form) and, if laboratory tests or x-rays are needed, a Form A/USA 6a, (Disability Liaison Form Attachment).

  • DIO schedules an examination or forwards “pertinent medical evidence” from files as described in GN 01704.810.

  • DIO requests reimbursement for the cost of medical examinations obtained for Austria by sending Form SSA-1278-U3-AU Request for Payment of Expenses for Medical Examinations to HOS in Vienna.

  • HOS forwards form SSA-1278-U3-AU to the proper Austrian insurance institution, shown in the right hand column of item 1 of the form by the liaison clerk in DIO.

C. Exhibit of form A/USA 6

D. Exhibit of form A/USA 6A

E. Exhibit of form SSA-1278-U3-AU

F. Procedure

Indicate the correct Austrian pension insurance institution by checking the appropriate block in item 1 of Form SSA-1278-U3-AU before releasing it to the address indicated in GN 01704.810.B.3.

G. Reference

General information on processing requests for medical examinations, GN 01704.810.

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