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GN 01730.315 Austrian Agency Requests to Initiate the Agreement

A. Background

Some assistance requests (forms A/USA 2) from the Austrian agencies contain German language remarks in item 6.7 which read, in part, “...Einleitung des zwischenstaatlinchen verfahrens...”. Translations of these remarks have varied slightly from “Initiation (or institution) of the international agreement is requested.” to “Please institute the bi-lateral claims process.” Although both the German remarks and their English translations may vary somewhat, they all mean the same thing, i.e. the Austrian agency wants the NH's U.S. earnings record and, Form SSA-e2960-U3-AU certifying available data. The request may also specify that other information is required.

B. Procedure

Follow the procedure below when an Austrian agency asks us to initiate the agreement.

  • Send the Austrian agency a completed form SSA-e2960-U3-AU certifying all available data

  • Include the NH's U.S. earnings record with the SSA-e2960-U3-AU

  • Consider whether the Austrian request is a claims lead for U.S. benefits. (See GN 01703.060 - 01703.063 for information about claims leads.)

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