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GN 01734.010 How CDB Develops and Processes Applications

A. Process

A resident of Luxembourg may inquire about filing for benefits under the agreement:

  • through the Foreign Service Post (FSP) in Luxembourg, or

  • directly with OIO.

Since the FSP in Luxembourg is not a claims taking FSP, any inquires made there are forwarded to OIO and then to CDB. Claims inquiries mailed directly to OIO are also routed to CDB for claims development.

B. Procedure

Use this section for developing and routing instructions for claims inquiries received in CDB.


If the worker is.. then...

fully insured

obtain the appropriate RSDI application,

adjudicate the RSDI claim, and

  • if Luxembourg coverage is alleged on the RSDI application, enter a FAC code of TB on the award so that a paragraph will be generated to deny the U.S. totalization claim. Also, add a paragraph that refers the claimant to the Luxembourg social insurance agency to file a claim for Luxembourg benefits.

    Forward the claim to Mods 1-5.

  • if Luxembourg coverage is not alleged on the RSDI application or if it is alleged but the claimant clearly states that he/she does not wish to file a claim for Luxembourg benefits, no totalization paragraphs should be added to the notice.

    Forward the claim to Mods 1 - 5.

not insured and has at least 6 QCs

explain the possibility of entitlement under the agreement to the inquirer. Advise him/her to complete the appropriate RSDI application and a Form SSA-2490-F4 Application for Benefits under a U.S. International Social Security Agreement, if he/she has coverage under the Luxembourg system, adjudicate any resulting RSDI claim, and

  • if the claimant returns a completed form SSA-2490-F4, route all material to Mod 6 or 7.

  • if the claimant does not wish to file for benefits under the agreement, route all material to Mods 1-5.

not insured and has less than 6 QCs or does not meet other eligibility requirements

send an informal disallowance which addresses both totalization and non-totalization benefits, include a pamphlet about the Luxembourg agreement, and retain the material for 6 month destruction.

insured and the claimant is already entitled to RSDI benefits

send an informal disallowance for U.S. totalization benefits. Explain that a claim for Luxembourg benefits may be filed with a Luxembourg agency, and include a pamphlet about the Luxembourg agreement.


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