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GN 01738.105 Greek Coverage Certification

A. Introduction

This section tells you what the Greek coverage record looks like and describes the entries on the form.

B. Description of form GR/USA 5

Form GR/USA 5 is a certification which lists a person's Greek coverage beginning with 1937.

1. First Area Displays

  • U.S. Social Security Number

2. Second Area Displays

  • Name of the number holder including surname at birth

  • Greek insurance number

  • Date of birth

3. Third Area Displays

  • First column - the year

  • Second and third columns - the month and day work began and ended during this year

  • Fourth, fifth and sixth columns - the total number of years, months, and days for this period

  • The last line is the sum total of years, months, and days worked in Greece.

4. Fourth Area Displays

The name, address, and stamp of the issuing Greek Agency, as well as the signature of the person completing the form and the date it was completed.

C. Reference

Completing the U.S.A./Greece Transmittal/Request/Certification Form, GN 01738.220

D. Exhibit

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