BASIC (08-94)

GN 01738.110 How to Credit Greek Coverage

A. Policy

The Greek coverage certification is used to assign foreign (F) quarters of coverage to the U.S. earnings record.

  • Greece credits periods of coverage on a daily basis. Three hundred days of Greek coverage equals four foreign quarters of coverage (FQC). Seventy-five days of Greek coverage equals one FQC.

  • All periods of coverage certified by Greece are creditable unless they are already credited as U.S. quarters of coverage.

  • There is no minimum amount of Greek coverage which must be earned before the U.S. can use it.

B. Procedure

Follow these steps for assigning Greek coverage.



Is the claimant filing for disability benefits on this record?

  • If yes, credit all possible FQCs to the earnings record.

  • If no, credit only the number of quarters required for insured status.

2Determine the maximum possible number of FQCs as follows:
 Divide the number of days of coverage shown for each period of coverage by 75 (number of days in a calendar quarter) to determine the maximum possible number of FQCs for that period. Consider any remainder as 1 FQC.


Is there a “From - To” period which begins or ends in the same calendar quarter as another “From - To”

  • If yes, determine FQCs for each period separately and go to Step 4

  • If no, go on to Step 4


Assign FQCs as follows:

  • Assign FQCs for each period shown on the Greek coverage certification starting with the calendar quarter in which the period begins and continuing consecutively until all FQCs are assigned.

  • Do not assign FQCs after the calendar quarter in which the Greek period ends.

  • Do not assign an FQC in a calendar quarter where a U.S. QC is already assigned. When a U.S. QC is assigned within a Greek period, credit FQCs up to that quarter and begin again in the next available quarter.

  • For years after 1977, assign existing U.S. QCs using the flexible crediting provision so as to permit assigning the maximum number of FQCs. (See RS 00301.230 regarding the assignment of quarters of coverage)

  • Do not skip over an FQC that was assigned based on another Greek period. If FQCs based on separate Greek periods fall within the same calendar quarter, cancel one of the overlapping FQCs.


Is the worker insured for U.S. totalization benefits after assigning Greek coverage?

  • If yes, process the award (assuming all other entitlement factors are met).

  • If no, go to Step 6.


Is the claim for disability benefits or for survivor
benefits which could be paid based on currently insured status?

  • If yes, recredit coverage following Step 4, except assign FQCs starting with the last available calendar quarter of each period and continuing backwards consecutively until all FQCs are assigned and go to Step 7.

  • If no, go to Step 8.


Is the worker insured for U.S. totalization benefits after crediting coverage following Step 6?

  • If yes, process the award.

  • If no, go to Step 8.


Do any periods of Greek coverage overlap or coincide so that FQCs for two periods fall in the same calendar quarter?

  • If yes, forward the case to DTPS for evaluation.

  • If no, deny the claim.

C. Reference

Crediting Foreign Coverage, GN 01701.125