TN 1 (06-14)

GN 01739.125 Eligibility for Chilean Benefits under the Agreement

Under the agreement with Chile, SSA takes applications for both regular and totalization benefits on behalf of Chile. We also provide limited assistance in obtaining evidence needed to support the claim.

A. Minimum coverage requirement

The agreement modifies the insured status requirements of the Chilean social insurance system. Under the agreement, U.S. citizens and certain categories of non-citizens qualify for Chilean retirement, survivors, and disability benefits if the worker has one year of Chilean coverage. The agreement also modifies the contribution requirements for the guaranteed minimum benefit under the private insurance system. A worker with as little as one year of Chilean coverage may qualify for a partial guaranteed minimum benefit.

B. Current coverage requirement

In addition to the minimum coverage requirements, a current coverage requirement applies to certain Chilean retirement, survivors and disability benefits. Under this requirement, the worker must have:

  • been entitled to benefits at the time of death; or

  • contributed to the Chilean system within two years prior to retirement, death or disability onset.

The agreement provides for Chile to deem a worker’s current coverage requirement if one of the following conditions exists:

  • entitlement to U.S. Social Security benefits at the time of death, or

  • at least one QC in the 8-quarter period immediately preceding retirement, death or disability onset.

    See Also: Chilean benefit eligibility requirements, see GN 01739.020 through GN 01739.025

  • For applications for benefits under the Chilean agreement, see GN 01739.215

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