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GN 01741.125 Eligibility for Korean Benefits under the Agreement

A. Policy — General

The agreement provides that Korea will count a worker's U.S. coverage when determining eligibility for Korean benefits if the worker:

  • is not insured based on Korean coverage alone, and

  • has at least 18 months of Korean coverage.

B. Policy — Recent coverage requirement

In addition to the minimum coverage requirements, a recent coverage requirement applies to disability and survivors benefits. The worker or deceased worker must have had current coverage under the Korean system at the time of disability or death. The agreement provides that a worker will be deemed to meet the current coverage requirement if he/she:

  • was insured for a U.S. Social Security benefit at disability onset or death, or

  • has credit for at least 4 quarters of coverage (QCs) in the 8-quarter period ending with the calendar quarter of disability onset or death.

C. Policy – Crediting U.S. coverage

Korea will credit 3 months of coverage for each U.S. QC. However, Korea will not count any month that is already credited as a month of coverage under the Korean system.

D. References

Korean benefit eligibility requirements, GN 01741.020

Application for benefits under the Korean agreement, GN 01741.215

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GN 01741.125 - Eligibility for Korean Benefits under the Agreement - 03/08/2001
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