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GN 01748.010 How to Develop and Process Applications Filed in the Foreign Service Post

A. Introduction

The Oslo Foreign Service Post takes claims from individuals in its service area who wish to file for U.S. and/or Danish benefits under the agreement with Denmark. The Oslo FSP also assists in processing the claims filed with the National Social Security Agency (NSSA).

When taking claims under the agreement, Oslo should follow the same general procedures and obtain the same applications and evidence as SSA field offices.

B. Procedure

This procedure describes special development and routing instructions that apply to claims under the agreement filed in the Oslo FSP.

1. U.S. claim

a. Retirement, Survivors, and Disability claims

The FBU in Oslo will contact the applicant and obtain a Form SSA-2490BK and any appropriate U.S. applications. Oslo FBU will forward a liaison Form SSA-2960 (USA/DK3) and the Part I and II of Form SSA-2490 to the Danish agency to request a coverage record.

Complete the appropriate MCS application screens and the TOTALIZATION (TOTL) Screen (see MSOM MCS 009.011) and SSA-2490 screens (MSOM MCS 007.001).

b. Worker appears not to be insured based on U.S. coverage alone-requesting Danish coverage record

Forward a liaison Form SSA-USA 2960(USA/DK3), to the Danish agency (NSSA) to request the Danish coverage record if it appears that the worker is not insured based on U.S. coverage alone.

c. Claim to DIO

Forward the claim to DIO and include a copy of the completed liaison form sent to the Danish agency (NSSA).

2. Danish claim

Any inquiries for Danish benefits from a resident of Denmark received in either Oslo, Norway or in the U.S. Embassy in Denmark will be referred to the Danish agency (NSSA).

If a Danish agency needs an U.S. earnings record and/or entitlement information to process a claim for Danish benefits, it will request the information directly from Oslo using a liaison Form SSA-2960 (DK/USA3).

C. References

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