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GN 01748.106 How to Evaluate Danish Coverage Certifications

A. Introduction

The Danish coverage certification is used to assign foreign (F) quarters of coverage to the U.S. earnings record.

B. Policy

The Danish coverage certificate will be converted to quarters of coverage for SSA by the Danish agency. The “QC Employment Factor” of the Danish earnings certificate will show the converted QC total for each year. The Danish agency has done the conversion for SSA. The QCs shown in “QC Employment Factor” column have been converted and any fraction of a quarter shown will be considered a full quarter of coverage.


The first eligible QCs on the exhibit below would be on the third line under the “Year” 2005 (we cannot use any QCs with a FRI code of 600 or 610). Look under “QC Employments Factor”. There is 0.1 (fraction of a QC) which will be considered 1 QC. This QC should be used in the first quarter of the year 2005.

The next eligible QC in the exhibit below is in the “Year” 2005 (on the fifth line) with 1.1 QCs shown under the “QC Employment Factor”. This should be counted as 2 QCs. These quarters of coverage may be divided as needed.

C. Exhibit

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