TN 16 (04-90)

GN 02210.001 Adjustment of Overpayments


Section 204(a) of the Social Security Act


1. How Adjustment is Accomplished

The adjustment of benefits to recover an overpayment is accomplished by withholding benefits payable to:

  • The overpaid individual, including a representative payee who received an overpayment on behalf of a beneficiary on any earnings record (GN 02205.001, GN 02205.005 and GN 02205.007);

  • The representative payee who misused funds (GN 00604.061); or

  • Any other person receiving benefits on the same earnings record on which the overpayment occurred.

2. What is Withheld

The following payment or benefits are withheld:

  • Current and prospective monthly benefits.

  • An underpayment.

  • A lump-sum death payment (LSDP).

  • Any misused funds to be reissued to an overpaid individual.

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