TN 14 (02-98)

GN 02250.244 Waiver Development Check List


Use the following table to determine if all necessary development has been completed.


    IF THEN +
1. Entries on SSA-632-BK the SSA-632-BK contains conflicting statements resolve conflicts.
the fault allegation is inconsistent with the facts or is not related to the overpayment resolve conflicts and obtain relevant information
SSA-632-BK shows persons who cannot be covered by the request develop waiver from those persons.
separate SSA-632-BK's are needed for payee and beneficiary obtain SSA-632-BK.
If the SSA-632-BK does not specify the separate finances of each member of the household, obtain individual breakdown.
If finances are not verified, obtain verification. DEQY can be used to verify income.
If expenses exceed income and no explanation is given, obtain explanation.
If the beneficiary got a large retroactive check and there is no comparable asset, obtain explanation of how the check was spent.
2. Specific Without Fault Allegations If the person alleges misunderstanding about allowable earnings, obtain evidence showing that the person restricted his/her take-home pay to the allowable amount.
If the person alleges not knowing that earnings before the first month of entitlement would cause deductions, request evidence showing that earnings after the first month of entitlement did not exceed the limit.
If the person has earnings higher than expected, verify the amount of earnings and how and when they were paid.
If the person alleges not knowing that special payments would cause deductions, obtain the employer's statement about the type and amount of special payment.
If the person alleges not knowing that earnings after termination would cause deductions, obtain a breakdown of earnings for the year of termination.
If the person alleges not understanding deduction or entitlement provisions, request evidence that shows a bona fide attempt to comply with the provisions of the law.

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