GN 02330.000 Premium Underpayments

Subchapter Table of Contents
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GN 02330.015Refund of Excess Medicare Premiums—Voluntary Termination 
GN 02330.050Disposition of Unproductive Alerts 
GN 02330.065Effecting Payment of Excess PremiumsTN 1 10-14
GN 02330.070NoticesBASIC 07-81
GN 02330.075Incorrect Premium Refund Distinguished From Premium ArrearageBASIC 07-81
GN 02330.080When Relief from Repayment Will Be ConsideredBASIC 07-81
GN 02330.085Development of ReliefBASIC 07-81
GN 02330.090Tolerance AmountBASIC 07-81
Adjustment of Trust Fund
GN 02330.100Trust Fund Accounting and Adjustment of the Hospital and/or Medical Insurance Premium Data on the BCM RecordBASIC 07-81

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