TN 31 (01-08)

GN 02402.070 When an SF-1199A is Required

A. How to access the SF 1199A

As a general rule, it is not necessary to get an SF 1199A when developing direct deposit. However, there are some instances when the SF 1199A is required. Form may be downloaded from the following link: SF-1199A.

B. When to complete the SF-1199A

An SF 1199A must be completed and signed by the beneficiary and FI in the following situations:

  • When there is a question of assignment of benefits. (See GN 02402.045.)

  • When an individual or institution acting as representative payee for several beneficiaries requests payment into a common checking or savings account. A single, signed SF 1199A with an attached listing of beneficiaries/recipients and claim numbers is sufficient. The requirements in GN 00603.020 must also be met. Separate input must be made for each request.

Requests for direct deposit to a foreign FI must be on the signup form developed for that country or must include the same information. Signup forms for International Direct Deposit are listed in GN 02402.200.

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