TN 32 (07-08)

GN 02402.125 Direct Deposit for Railroad Board Cases

The SSA MBR Rewrite in 2004 made it possible to include direct deposit data when a Railroad Board Certification claim is going to RRB.

A. Policy for direct deposit of Railroad Board (RRB) payments

A new Social Security RRB claim (LAF-E) does not require a completed form SF-1199 for direct deposit. Obtain the bank and account data and apply it to the claim. If there is a representative payee, that person or entity must approve the direct deposit data. The FO/PC includes the electronic funds transfer (EFT) data in the claim. The system sends the EFT data to RRB along with other data. However, for EFT changes, the beneficiary or representative payee must notify the RRB as well as SSA.

B. EFT process for RRB (LAF-E) applications

The person who takes the claim asks if the claimant wants direct deposit for the benefit payments. The claimant or representative payee provides the routing and transit number (RTN) and the account number (DAN).

The direct deposit (EFT) information becomes part of the data that goes to RRB through the daily PRCORACE file for certification of LAF-E benefits. RRB uses the data to send the payments to the financial institution. The field office (FO) does not send the information separately to RRB for a new claim. This is an automated process.

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C. Processing an EFT change for an RRB (LAF-E) case

When a beneficiary or representative payee reports a direct deposit change for a LAF-E case, take the following steps.

  • Accept the new data.

  • Enter the new data on the MBR.

  • Inform the reporter that he or she must contact a local RRB office.

REASON: Although the SSA system does pass the changed direct deposit information to RRB, RRB's system does not process the change automatically. To make the change effective, RRB must manually apply the information to its system after the beneficiary or representative payee alerts RRB to the change.

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