TN 7 (09-17)

GN 02405.200 How to Process Local Currency Checks Received in the Field Office

A. Background

In certain foreign countries, SSA pays benefits in local currency rather than in U.S. dollars (e.g., Pakistani rupees). Return local currency checks undeliverable due to death or change of address of the beneficiary to the American Embassy or Consulate, convert to U.S. dollar checks, and mail to the Office of International Operations (OIO) for deposit.

Occasionally, the FO receives these checks for processing. Follow procedures to process returned benefit checks more than one year old, see GN 02405.300.

B. Interviewer Procedure

The interviewer must follow the procedures when processing local currency checks:




  • Enter the check information into the Debt Management System (DMS) see, MSOM DMS 003.002.

  • Code FOREIGN CURRENCY as “Type of Remittance” and the foreign currency amount as the “Amount of the Remittance”.

  • Issue a system-generated receipt and give to the remitter.


Hand carry the check to the remittance clerk for safekeeping.

C. Remittance Clerk Procedure

The remittance clerk must follow the procedures when processing local currency checks:




Obtain the Field Office Remittance Transmittal (FORT) at the end of the day and associate the check(s) with the transmittal(s).


Give the FORT and remittances to the remittance supervisor.

D. Remittance Supervisor Procedure

The remittance supervisor must follow the procedures when processing local currency checks:




Review each line item on the FORT to ensure that the transmittal(s) and the returned check(s) are in complete agreement.


Review the mailroom and the reception area logs completed that day to ensure that any local currency check(s) listed on the transmittal show the same date.


Resolve any discrepancies between the FORT, mailroom and reception area logs, and checks or other remittances.


Sign the transmittal on the signature line, including complete title and printed name.


Place the FORT and local currency check(s) in an envelope addressed to:

Social Security Administration
Office of International Operations
P.O. Box 17769
Baltimore, Maryland 21235-6401

RESULT: OIO mails the check back to the American Embassy or Consulate, which converts the local currency check(s) to U.S. dollars and issues a check made payable to SSA for the equivalent amount. Mail the check to OIO for deposit to the appropriate trust fund.

E. References