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GN 02408.002 Glossary of Stop-Payment and Reclamation Terms for Checks and EFT Payments

Abandon Reclamation

The abandon reclamation is a reversal of a reclamation request when the reclamation request is an error.

Automated Clearing House


A funds-transfer system governed by the National ACH Association (NACHA) Operating Rules, which provides the interbank clearing of electronic entries for participating financial institutions.

Available Check Cancellation (ACC)

Available Check Cancellation - an unendorsed check is returned to, and cancelled by, the Department of the Treasury (DT) and a credit is returned to SSA. This also refers to checks that are returned to the Regional Finance Center (RFC) as undeliverable.


An unendorsed check returned to DT by the beneficiary, post office, or SSA field office; or a direct deposit payment returned by a financial institution; or credit returned to SSA for a check that had not been cashed at the time the non-entitlement or stop-payment request was processed.


Refers to an SSA/SSI payment issued by DT via paper check

The FMS-3858, FMS-1133, and check photocopy generated from DT as the result of a permanent stop (e.g., A-, B-, C-, and F-stops) input on a particular check. Claims packages generated by A-, B- and F-stops are mailed to the Processing Center (PC) for Title II and to the field offices (FO) through SSA Headquarters for Title XVI; claims packages generated by C-Stops are mailed directly to the claimant from DT.

Claims Package


Treasury's Check Operations Re-engineering Effort at the Richmond Federal Reserve Bank.


Funds returned to SSA by DT for an uncashed check, a returned check or electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment, an 1184 stop-payment action, or reclamation.

Disposition Codes

A DT numerical code indicating status or action taken in response to an SSA input. The codes post to the Payment History Update System (PHUS) and Treasury Status Query. (See Treasury RFC and CSD Disposition Codes SM 00609.610, How to Respond to Treasury Process Messages SM 01315.200, Missing Recurring or Supplemental Check MSOM BUSSR 003.012, and Treasury Status Query MSOM BUSSR 003.020)


Department of the Treasury

Due or Entitled

The condition where the entire proceeds of a check are due and payable to a beneficiary/recipient or his or her estate.


Electronic Funds Transfers (same as direct deposit)

Erroneous Death Termination

An erroneous death termination occurs when incorrect death data is transmitted to a Title II or Title XVI record.

Incorrect Payment

Any check or EFT payment paid to a beneficiary or recipient to which he or she was not entitled; e.g., payment after death.


Stop-code used for non-entitlement of a check or EFT payment due to the death of the recipient/beneficiary. Also known as a reclamation request.


Financial Institution

Fiscal Service

The Bureau of the Fiscal Service of the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

FMS-133 (Form)

Notice of Reclamation sent to FIs by the Department of the Treasury because of an E-stop input. See

FMS-135 (Form)

Debit of the FI’s Account that documents the debit by Fiscal Service of the banks Federal Reserve Account for the reclamation liability amount. See


Federal Reserve Bank


Stop-code used when the status of a check is needed and a replacement payment is inappropriate. DT returns credit to SSA if the check is not cashed. Also used for EFT when the Treasury Offset Program is involved.

NOTE: For Title II, F-stops are manually input by the PSC.

Not Due or Not Entitled

The condition where the proceeds of a check or EFT payment are not due to the beneficiary/recipient or to the estate.

Original Check

Term used for the regular recurring Title II, Title XVI, and payment cycling monthly check that is issued on the regular monthly delivery date for that type of check. It can also apply to type-2 underpayment, type-3 supplemental, type-4 OTP-- all one-time payments.

Payment Over



A credit reversal of a previous credit given by DT.

EXAMPLE: nonreceipt is alleged on a missing original check. SSA inputs a B-stop. DT cancels the original, issues a courtesy disbursement check, and returns a credit to SSA. A POC results when the original check is subsequently cashed, reversing the credit from Treasury. (Described in GN 02406.245).

Presenting FI/Bank

The term used to identify the FI where a benefit check was cashed and the FI then presents the check to the FRB for reimbursement from the Trust Fund for Title II payments or from the General Fund for Title XVI payments.

Questioned Documents Branch (QDB)

A staff at the Department of the Treasury where signature specimens are closely examined by handwriting experts.

Representative Payee

The person, agency, or institution selected to receive payment for a beneficiary or recipient.


DT process to recover funds directly from an FI for erroneous payments issued after the death of the beneficiary/recipient or for checks cashed over a forged signature as determined by DT.


Regional Financial Center - The Bureau of the Fiscal Service regional centers that act as the Government Disbursing Office for Treasury disbursed payments.


Richmond Federal Reserve Bank

Single Payment System

Used to automate attorney fee payments and other Title II payments that cannot be made through the current Title II system (e.g., non-beneficiaries). (See SM 00834.001.)

Stop Code


Stop Reason Code

Terminology used to indicate that DT has processed a nonreceipt or stop-payment action (such as an E- or F-stop). Refer to nonreceipt type codes in SM 00609.110, SM 00609.210.


Treasury Offset Program See GN 02408.405


The Treasury Receivable Accounting and Collection System provides SSA with accounting information (e.g., credits, limited payability credits, debits, reclamations, refunds).

Unavailable Check Cancellation

Action taken by DT when SSA inputs an SF-1184 stop-payment action, the payment is outstanding (i.e., not cashed or returned), and the check is not physically at the RFC.


Title II stop code used only for death of the Representative Payee. The W-stop transmits to DT and posts to PHUS as an E-stop.

1184 Action

A term used synonymously with a stop-payment action request (E- or F-stop), derived from the paper form SF-1184.

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