TN 25 (02-08)

GN 02605.250 Change of Address (COA) – Foreign to Foreign

A. Introduction

Initiate a change from one foreign address to another when:

  • the beneficiary notifies SSA that he/she will be moving, or

  • SSA is notified of the change in some other manner (i.e. response on Foreign Enforcement Query).

If the notification is made by someone other than the beneficiary, verification of the information provided may be necessary before initiating the change of address action via the post entitlement system PEAD screen.

B. Foreign to Foreign COA – Same Foreign Country

No change will be made to the alien nonpayment coding or nonresident alien tax withholding when the original address and the new address are within the same foreign country unless the beneficiary alleges that the information has changed.

Secure supporting documentation for all changes alleged.

C. Foreign to Foreign COA – Different Foreign Country

Additional issues should be resolved prior to initiating the change of address when the original address is in one foreign country and the new address is in a different foreign country.

1. Direct Deposit

If direct deposit data is present on the MBR, verify that it is accurate and that it will remain in effect.

See When a Title II Beneficiary Moves to Another Country (GN 02402.210) for more specific information concerning direct deposit and a move from one foreign country to another.

Process any changes to direct deposit via the post entitlement system PEAD screen.

2. Alien Nonpayment Provisions

Verify that there is no change to the alien nonpayment information shown on the MBR.

NOTE: While many exceptions to the alien nonpayment provisions are based on citizenship, some are based on residency and care must be taken when changing an address from one foreign country to another.

Process any changes to alien nonpayment via the NUSC (Non US Citizen Coding) screen.


Exceptions to Alien Nonpayment (RS 02610.010)

3. Nonresident Alien Tax Withholding

Verify that the taxation information on the MBR is correct as shown.

Residence is often an issue in the taxation of benefits so a move from one foreign country to another may cause a change in the application of the nonresident alien tax withholding.

Process any changes to the nonresident alien tax withholding via the PELF (Alien Tax Update) screen.


Beneficiaries Subject to the Withholding Tax (GN 05010.010)

4. Barred or Restricted Country

A beneficiary may not use a mailing address in a foreign country where SSA payments can be made while he/she resides in a barred or restricted country.


Special Payment Procedures for Certain SSA-Restricted Countries (RS 02650.040)

Treasury Department Restrictions (RS 02650.001)

D. Related References

PEAD (POS Address/Direct Deposit/Phone) (MSOM T2PE 003.002)

PEAF (Future POS Address/Direct Deposit/Phone) (MSOM T2PE 003.010)

PELF (Alien Tax Update) (MSOM T2PE 003.014)

NUSC (Non US Citizen Coding) (MSOM COMMON 005.026)

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