TN 16 (09-95)

GN 02610.047 How To Complete Section I of Record of Manual Title II Computation — SSA-4345-U2

A. Introduction

Form SSA-4345-U2 is used to record data exchanged by the PC and the FO when manual title II offset computations are necessary. GN 02610.049 covers completion of section II and section III.

NOTE: The e4345 was developed for the PC and FO to be able to exchange windfall-offset data electronically. It is a web-based application of the paper SSA-4345.For instruction on completing the e4345, see the Field Office User's Guide and the Processing Centers User's Guide.

B. When to Use Form SSA-4345-U2

1. General

The PC completes section I to record the title II data necessary for the FO to do an offset computation. This data is transmitted to the FO by phone call, fax, e-mail etc. from the PC.

2. Number of Forms

  1. a. 

    D/E cases — only one form is required even if computing title II offset for both benefits at once.

  2. b. 

    Couple's cases — complete one if only one member is entitled to retroactive benefits; complete two if both members are entitled to retroactive title II benefits.

C. Procedure — PC

Complete section I according to the following directions:

1. Block A

  • Enter the CMA paid and month paid.

  • D/E cases - enter CMA and date paid for both benefits.

Pay the CMA only in concurrent title II/title XVI cases when processing through MADCAP.

2. Block B

Enter total retroactive title II benefits withheld.

  • If establishing new entitlement to a higher rate, (A to HA) show only the difference between old and new rate.

  • D/E and RIB/DIB cases - Show the retroactive title II withheld for both benefits.

3. Block C

Monthly Breakdown Section

  • List the months the benefits would have been paid and MBC or the amounts being withheld. e.g. MBC is $200, but $150 has already been paid on another claim so amount to be shown is $50.

  • If more than one type is involved, list the MBC's under the appropriate columns for each type.

    EXAMPLE: The RSI benefits - Show each type under separate RSI headings.

4. Remarks Section

Record all relevant information including:

  • Fact that it is a couple's case and another SSA-4345- U2 applies;

  • Attorney is involved.

  • D/E cases - The amount that was already paid on another account.

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