TN 16 (09-95)

GN 02610.045 How To Complete SSI Offset Summary — SSA-4346-U2

A. Introduction

The FO computes the amount of retroactive SSI due on an SSA-4968 (SSI RMA Payment Worksheet) (see SI 02005.090) for each month considering the title II retroactive benefits as paid when due. The SSA-4346-U2 is then used to compute the SSI offset amount.

B. When to use

1. General

Use the SSA-4346-U2 in all cases requiring a manual computation of the offset amount.

2. Number of Forms

Only one SSA-4346-U2 is necessary in D/E and RIB/DIB cases and in couple's cases where both members are entitled to retroactive title II benefits.




From Form SSA-4968, 6.E enter the SSI Federal amount due (FAM) for each month of the offset period.

  • Enter in column 2, DIB if title II benefit is disability (or if DIB/ RSI benefit is payable for the same month — DIB is primary benefit)

  • If RIB/DIB payable for different months, enter SSI due (FAM) under appropriate columns.


Follow same steps to compute the State amount due (SAM). Enter results in columns 4 or 5.


Obtain an SSR query. Subtract the results of step 1 from SSID FAM in CMPH segment on SSR for each month.

RESULT: Federal offset amount (FOA), State offset amount (SOA) for each month.


Total all FOA's and SOA's on bottom of SSA-4346-U2, even if the net total is a negative amount. If the total is a negative amount, enter zero.


In couple's cases, determine each person's prorated share of the offset amount per GN 02610.040C.9. and GN 02610.040C.10.


Subtract offset from retroactive title II benefits.


Record data on SSA-4345-U2.


Phone PC if unable to post offset data to SSR or PC requested the computation by phone. Send original copies of worksheets to the PC with instructions to “prong file.” Retain copies of the SSA-4968 and SSA-4346-U2 for 2 years.

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