TN 1 (04-05)

GN 03311.007 A Standard Fee for Non-Program SSN Printouts for Third Parties with Consent

A. Purpose

The purpose of this message is to inform you of a change in determining the amount to charge third parties for SSN printouts for non-program requests. Instead of computing a fee based on the schedule in GN 03311.005E.3., we will charge a standard fee, plus an additional amount for any additional work involved in processing the request. The decision to collect a standard fee applies to third parties requesting SSN printouts.

Do not confuse this fee-based, third party verification service with the “free” SSN Printouts for hired employees we provide to employers and their agents. This fee-based SSN printout service is for purposes other than wage and tax reporting.

B. Background

It is SSA policy to charge third parties a fee for verification of SSNs for non-program purposes (GN 03311.005E.2.). SSA must be compensated for the work it does for others so that the Social Security Trust Funds do not bear the costs of such activities. We may consider a proposed use program related if the information is needed:

  • to pursue some benefit under the Social Security Act (e.g., Social Security benefits, SSI payments, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.)

  • solely to verify the accuracy of information obtained in connection with a program administered under the Social Security Act

  • in connection with an activity that has been authorized under the Act

  • by an employer to report or pay taxes under the Federal Insurance Contributions Act or Section 218 of the Social Security Act.

C. Standard Fee

The Commissioner has approved the charging of $46 for a single SSN printout request. This fee consists of two parts. There is a $20 charge to process the SSN printout and provide a “match/no match” response. This fee covers personnel and overhead costs and is based on information captured by SSA’s Cost Analysis System. There is an additional $26 charge for the full cost to the Agency to process the associated remittance. The fee for multiple requests from a single requestor would be $46 for the first SSN and $20 for each additional SSN in that particular request.

The standard fee applies to third party requests for SSN printout when the response is limited to match/no match information or the SSN Printout (available through the Numident Query screen, GN 03325.025). This fee does not cover any additional verification work that might be done by FO employees. If FO employees do additional work for the requestor, the cost of this work should be added to the standard fee calculated per the guidelines in GN 03311.005E.

The standardization of this fee will enable all FOs to be consistent in the charging and collection of fees for SSN printouts. Managers should request payment by check or money order to reduce the extra work and security issues of handling cash in the FOs.

D. High-volume SSN Printout Requests

Lending institutions and other third party brokers have a tendency to submit high-volume SSN printout requests for individuals from all over the country to one local FO. The FO receiving this high-volume request should advise the third-party to send their requests to the appropriate servicing FOs. Each of these other FOs will then, in turn, charge an initial fee of $46 for the first SSN and $20 for each additional SSN in that request.

The Social Security FO is staffed to assist the local population base.  Each office services a certain number of Zip Codes and is to assist individuals and third party requesters in that office’s designated service area.  While a beneficiary may visit any office of his/her choosing and receive service, a third party requester (public or private) should seek service from the office servicing the inquired-about individual’s mailing Zip Code.

Third-party requesters should be encouraged to visit our website at and enter the zip codes for their clients. They will get the address of the servicing SSA office.

In very rare occasions (emergency situations) the FO may handle certain volume requests if specific arrangements have been made with the regional office for doing so. The FO should refer questions concerning workloads to the regional Privacy Act Coordinator.

NOTE: The FO should comply with fee-based SSN printout requests only as their mission-related work