GN 03312.000 Disclosure for Law Enforcement Purposes

Subchapter Table of Contents
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GN 03312.001Disclosure Without Consent for Law Enforcement PurposesBASIC 09-05
GN 03312.005Disclosure for Criminal Law Enforcement Purposes Involving Violent CrimesBASIC 09-05
GN 03312.010Disclosure for Criminal Activity Involving SSA ProgramsBASIC 09-05
GN 03312.015Law Enforcement Requests from Federal Agencies Involving Non-Violent CrimesBASIC 09-05
GN 03312.020Law Enforcement Requests from State and Local Agencies Involving Non-Violent CrimesBASIC 09-05
GN 03312.025Disclosure Required by Federal Law for Law Enforcement PurposesBASIC 09-05
GN 03312.030Disclosure to Locate Fleeing Felons or Parole or Probation ViolatorsBASIC 09-05
GN 03312.035Kinds of Information That May Be Disclosed for Law Enforcement PurposesBASIC 09-05
GN 03312.040Valid Law Enforcement RequestsBASIC 09-05
GN 03312.045Federal Tax AdministrationBASIC 09-05
GN 03312.050National Security SituationsBASIC 09-05
GN 03312.055Disclosure When SSA Discovers Possible Violation of Another Government Agency’s Law or RegulationsBASIC 09-05
GN 03312.060Ad Hoc Decisions to Disclose Information for Law Enforcement PurposesBASIC 09-05
GN 03312.065Law Enforcement Disclosures Involving Health and Safety SituationsBASIC 09-05
GN 03312.070Foreign and International CasesBASIC 09-05

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