TN 4 (07-13)

GN 03325.025 Request for Numident Printouts

A. Policy for requesting the Numident record

Under the Privacy Act, an individual has the right to access any information in our records about him or her, including a copy of the SS-5 (Application for a Social Security Number) and the Numident record. A Numident is a query display of the information taken from an individual's application for an original SSN card and subsequent applications for replacement SSN cards. For the requirements an individual must meet to access his or her own personal information in our records, see GN 03340.010 and GN 03340.015.

The only official SSA document verifying an individual's SSN is the SSN card. A third party may ask an individual to obtain a Numident to verify his or her SSN. The third party may also seek valuable personal information contained in the Numident record. While the number holder (NH) is entitled to his or her own Numident record, he or she may be unwittingly disclosing more information than is necessary to verify his or her SSN. Disclosing Numident information unnecessarily to third parties greatly increases the NH's vulnerability to identity theft and SSN fraud. In addition, persons can easily duplicate or alter the Numident printout.

See Also:

  • For SSN printouts, see RM 10225.005 and RM 10225.005.

  • For SSN verifications, see GN 03325.003.

  • For requests for disclosure of only the SSN, see GN 03325.002B.

B. Processing requests for the Numident printout

Certain third parties may request a Numident printout without an individual’s consent. The Office of Privacy and Disclosure and the Regional Offices (RO) may disclose a Numident printout without consent to the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, as discussed in GN 03313.095A.2.a. In urgent and sensitive situations only, ROs may issue special instructions authorizing a field office to release a full Numident printout to a third party without consent authorizing the disclosure, if instructions exist in GN 03300.000.

Central Office (CO) processes routine requests for the Numident printout, including requests that pertain to deceased individuals. Send the request together with the fee, if applicable, to:

SSA, OEO, DERO (FOIA Workgroup)
P.O. Box 33022
Baltimore, MD 21290-3022

1. First party requests for the Numident printout

First party requesters for the Numident printout, containing all identifying information, must meet the access requirements in GN 03340.015B.2., GN 03340.025, and GN 03340.030, as appropriate.

2. Third party requests for the Numident printout

Third party requesters for the Numident printout, containing all identifying information, must submit a valid consent document in accordance with the consent and query procedures in GN 03305.001 and GN 03305.004, respectively. For information about who can consent, see GN 03305.005. If the consent document does not meet our requirements, return it to the requester with a written explanation of why we cannot honor it. We can, however, accept a new consent document from the same requester once the consent document satisfies all of our requirements.

3. Fees for processing requests for the Numident printout

All requesters must pay the fees we charge for processing requests for the Numident printout for non-program purposes. This includes both first and third party requesters. Do not send a request for the Numident printout to CO without the correct fee amount. If a request does not include the fee or the fee amount is incorrect, return the request to the requester with a written explanation of why we cannot process it. Once we receive the correct fee amount and the request meets all other requirements, we can process the request. More information about the fees we charge is on our website at

C. Requesting the status of a request for the Numident printout

We process requests for Numident printouts on a first come basis. It can take 30 days or longer to process a request. After waiting the initial 30-day period, a requester may contact us for the status of his or her request. To process a request for status, after the initial 30-day waiting period, use the following steps:

  1. Obtain enough information to locate the request and the name and telephone number of the requester. Advise the requester that someone will contact him or her to provide the status within five business days.

  2. Contact the FOIA Workgroup’s voice messaging service at (410) 966-4034