Basic (09-91)

GN 03340.050 Investigatory (Fraud) Records

A. Policy

FOs do not maintain any SSA exempted systems of records. However, FOs do get involved with, and maintain, certain investigatory records when developing fraud cases.

These records were formerly covered by the SSA Program Integrity Case Files system of record. The records now are under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Inspector General, Office of Investigations (OIG/OI).

Program integrity records are exempt from access by the subject individual, provided they are kept separate.

B. Procedure

Establish a temporary program integrity file for a possible violation of the law by a claimant.  Program integrity records are exempt from access only when they are kept separate from the claims folder. (See GN 04111.060.)

Make sure that the file concerning the suspected violation contains any:

  • reports of contact,

  • statements from informants (which should be marked “Confidential”), and

  • correspondence between SSA and the Office of the Inspector General.

Refer requests for fraud records to the OIG Office of Investigations field office which has investigative jurisdiction over fraud cases.

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