Basic (09-91)

GN 03345.010 Routing Correction Requests - Policy

Requests received in SSA from individuals for correction or amendment of records are routed as follows.

A. Nonmedical Records

FOs and CO components refer requests for nonmedical records to:

  • ODAR if disputed record is one introduced by an ALJ or the Appeals Council.

  • System manager for the system of records the individual wants changed. See the SSA Privacy Act Notices of Systems of Records (Blue Book).

B. Medical/Vocational Records

SSA routes requests for medical/vocational records as follows:

  1. a. 

    FOs refer requests to appropriate DDS.

  2. b. 

    CO components, except ODIO, refer requests to:

    • ODIO unless the individual is age 59 or older.

    • PSC of jurisdiction if age 59 or older.

  3. c. 

    ODIO refers requests to:

    • DDS if a record is a CE report or the source of the record is a State VR agency.

    • Source of a record if from another medical source. The subject individual can go directly to the source or SSA can arrange to have the DDS make the contact. SSA obtains a written statement of the individual's choice.

      If the individual declines any contact with the source, advise that a decision will be made based on the information available in file.

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