GN 03970.000 Suspension or Disqualification of Representatives

Subchapter Table of Contents
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GN 03970.010Rules of Conduct and Standards of Responsibility for RepresentativesTN 9 12-15
GN 03970.011Unqualified Non-Attorney and Attorney RepresentativesTN 6 04-12
GN 03970.015How We Deal With Representatives’ Actions that Violate the Law or RegulationsTN 6 04-12
GN 03970.016Referral of Suspected Criminal Violations to the Office of the Inspector General by Field Offices, the Processing Centers, and the Disability Determination ServicesTN 7 11-12
GN 03970.017Referrals of Suspected Fee Violations, Possible Fee Violations, and Non-Fee ViolationsTN 9 12-15
GN 03970.020Evaluation and Action on Field Office (FO) and Processing Center (PC) ReferralsTN 6 04-12
GN 03970.025Field Office (FO) and Processing Center (PC) Action on Direct Payment Error Fee ViolationsTN 6 04-12
GN 03970.030Action to Suspend, Disqualify, or Withdraw Charges Against a Representative by the Office of the General CounselTN 6 04-12
GN 03970.035Office of Hearings Operations (OHO) Action on Referral of a Record for a HearingTN 6 04-12
GN 03970.040Administration of a Hearing regarding ChargesTN 6 04-12
GN 03970.050Hearing Office Decision on the ChargesTN 6 04-12
GN 03970.055Recognizing a Representative Pending Decision on the ChargesTN 6 04-12
GN 03970.060Field Office and Regional Office Action When an Attorney or Non-Attorney Representative is Suspended or DisqualifiedTN 6 04-12
GN 03970.065Field Office’s Sample Notices of Suspension or DisqualificationTN 6 04-12
GN 03970.070Electronic and Physical Addresses for All Referrals to the Office of General CounselTN 7 11-12

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