GN 03980.000 Conflict of Interest

Subchapter Table of Contents
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GN 03980.001Conflict of Interest - General StatementBASIC 12-81
GN 03980.005Representation by Regular Federal EmployeesBASIC 12-81
GN 03980.010Representation by Special Federal EmployeesBASIC 12-81
GN 03980.020U.S. Congressmen - Representing or Rendering ServicesBASIC 12-81
GN 03980.030State Agency Disability Determination Employees - Federal Conflict of InterestBASIC 12-81
GN 03980.040Representation by Former SSA Employees and Officials (Other than Senior Employees)BASIC 12-81
GN 03980.050Representation by a Former Senior SSA EmployeeBASIC 12-81
GN 03980.060Prohibiting Representation by Partners of SSA Officers or EmployeesBASIC 12-81
GN 03980.070SSA Employee as Applicant or Representative PayeeBASIC 12-81
GN 03980.080Possible Violation of Conflict-of-Interest ProvisionsBASIC 12-81
GN 03980.090List of Senior SSA EmployeesBASIC 12-81

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