TN 2 (03-08)

GN 05001.012 Benefits Paid

A. Policy

1. General

All benefits actually paid or credited, including benefits paid in error, are treated as “paid”.

2. Equivalents of Payment

Included in “benefits paid” are the amounts withheld to satisfy financial obligations of the beneficiary, such as:

  • Supplemental Medical Insurance (SMI) premiums;

  • Medicare Advantage premiums (Part C);

  • Medicare Prescription Drug premiums (Part D);

  • recovery of an overpayment;

  • attorney fees;

  • alimony;

  • child support;

  • unpaid maritime tax;

  • nonresident alien tax.

3. Workers’ Compensation (WC) Offset

Congress requires that Social Security include WC offset in benefits paid.

4. Payments Not Made

Benefits withheld for the following reasons are not considered “benefits paid.”

  • Suspensions and deductions under annual earnings test and foreign work test;

  • no child in care;

  • Vocational Rehabilitation referral refusal;

  • Windfall Elimination Provision;

  • public disability offset;

  • Government Pension Offset;

  • penalty deductions;

  • alien nonpayment;

  • deportation;

  • SGA by a blind DI beneficiary;

  • penal confinement; and

  • non-attendance by a student.

5. Facility-of-Payment Provision

For tax purposes, disregard this provision. For an explanation of the provision, see “Facility-of-Payment” (GN 02603.075).

B. Process

Benefits are paid by:

  • issuance of a check;

  • electronic funds transfer (direct deposit), or

  • Withholding, for example WC Offset.

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