TN 26 (10-22)

RS 00202.055 Certificate of Election for Reduced Spouse's Benefits

A. Policy

1. Who may file

An already entitled spouse age 62 through the month before attaining full retirement age (FRA) who no longer has an entitled child in care and wants to receive reduced spouse's benefits may file a Form SSA-25 (Certificate of Election for Reduced Spouse's Benefits).

2. Effective life

The certificate is retroactive for one or more months immediately preceding the month in which the certificate is filed, up to a maximum of 12, including any month the spouse had an entitled child in care.

The certificate cannot be effective earlier than the first month of entitlement (MOET) to spouse's benefits.

3. When certificate may be filed

A certificate may be filed before or after the (divorced) spouse attains FRA.

If filed after FRA, reduced benefits may be paid for any month before FRA within the effective life of the certificate.

4. Withdrawal

An SSA-25 may be withdrawn or modified under the same rules applicable to an application. If an application must be filed, no SSA-25 is necessary.

B. Procedure

Develop the possibility of RIB entitlement when an SSA-25 is filed. (See GN 00204.035 regarding deemed filing.)

Make sure the certificate specifies the months for which it may be effective.

Using the Postentitlement Online System (POS) Certificate of Election (CELE) screen, update the election to the MBR (see MSOM COMMON 005.009).

Fax the SSA-25 into the Non-Disability Repository for Evidentiary Documents (NDRed). If processing center (PC) action is necessary, in addition to faxing the form into NDRed, fax the form to the paperless repository.

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