TN 15 (03-12)

RS 00208.040 Mothers and Fathers Evidence Requirements and Forms - Policy

This table contains form and evidence requirements and the corresponding POMS references.


When Required


Age of Mother/Father

Usually not required for claimant under full retirement age (FRA).

RS 00208.045

Age of number holder (NH)

If it affects insured status or benefit amount.

GN 00302.001

Death of NH


GN 00304.001

GN 00304.060



NOTE: Proof submitted in a prior claim is normally sufficient. Includes statements on prior SSA-2F6 and SSA-3.

RS 00208.050

GN 00305.055

Termination of Prior Marriage

If reasonable doubt exists whether claimant's or NH's prior marriage ended.

GN 00305.120

GN 00305.140

Termination of Subsequent Marriage

Always. Obtain a copy of divorce or annulment decree or death certificate.

RS 00208.060A.


Always, when claimant is surviving divorced mother/father.

RS 00208.010B.

Relationship of child to claimant

Always, when claimant is surviving divorced mother/father.

RS 00208.010,

GN 00306.010

GN 00306.005

Living in the same household

Deemed marriage, lump sum death payment (LSDP) involved.

RS 00207.004



RS 01310.001

RS 00208.080

Lag Earnings of NH

When insured status is involved

RS 01403.105

Form SSA-5-F6, Application

Always, unless entitled to spouse's benefits for the month before the month of the NH's death.

GN 00204.001

Form SSA-21 Supplement to Claim of Person Outside the United States (US)

When mother/father lives outside the U.S. or intends to leave the U.S.

GN 00205.170

GN 00203.005C.5.

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