RS 00210.000 Lump Sum Death Payments (LSDP)

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RS 00210.001Field Office (FO) and Program Service Center (PSC) Requirements and Definitions of Lump-Sum Death Payment (LSDP)TN 12 08-11
RS 00210.005Evidence Requirements for the Lump-Sum Death Payment (LSDP)TN 12 08-11
RS 00210.010Payment of the Lump-Sum Death Payment (LSDP)TN 12 08-11
RS 00210.015Amount of Lump-Sum Death Payment (LSDP)TN 12 08-11
RS 00210.020When the LSDP is not payableTN 12 08-11
RS 00210.025Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act (SSCRA) and the Lump-Sum death payment (LSDP )TN 12 08-11
RS 00210.030Good Cause and Lump Sum Death Payments (LSDP)TN 11 06-11
RS 00210.035LSDP for a Surviving Spouse Living in the Same Household (LISH)TN 11 06-11
RS 00210.040LSDP Requirements When NH Died Before 9/1/81TN 11 06-11
RS 00210.050Background and Processing LSDP-Only ClaimsTN 11 06-11

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