TN 49 (10-23)

RS 00301.148 Date Last Insured (DLI)

A. Introduction

DLI is the last day in the last quarter when disability insured status is met. (See RS 00301.120 for an explanation of disability insured status.) As of the DLI the individual must be fully insured or deemed fully insured, and must meet the appropriate disability insured test.

NOTE: DLI for individuals who are disabled due to statutory blindness is figured based on fully insured status alone. See RS 00301.150.

B. Policy - Rules For Determining DLI

1. When Determined

In certain disability cases when the disability is not caused by a traumatic event, the DDS must provide an onset date based on medical evidence. As part of their determination, they may require the DLI. This will usually be furnished on the earnings record. However, changes to the date known to the system (such as a different prior period of disability or variance in quarters of coverage previously posted to the record) may require a manual calculation of DLI.

2. How To Determine DLI

  1. a. 

    Determine the date 20/40 is last met.

  2. b. 

    If 20/40 is not met and either the NH is under age 31 or special insured status previously applied, determine date NH last meets special insured status.

    Special age 31 status does not need to be tested, if the NH is age 31 or older at onset and special insured status was not previously applied. The 20/40 test will always be used.

  3. c. 

    Choose the later of the date in RS 00301.148B.2.a. or RS 00301.148B.2.b.

  4. d. 

    Determine if fully insured status is met as of the date chosen in c. above. If fully insured status is also met, this is DLI. If not, redetermine 20/40 and special insured status for the fourth quarter of the prior year. Repeat this process until the NH has met both the DIB insured status and the fully insured status tests.

  5. e. 

    If full retirement age (FRA) attainment is involved, the DLI is the last day of the quarter before the quarter of FRA attainment. For example, if FRA attainment is 11/2019, the DLI is 9/30/2019.

NOTE: DLI for individuals disabled due to statutory blindness is the date fully insured status is last met. The 20-40 insured status test does not apply. See RS 00301.150.

IMPORTANT: If the worker is an alien whose SSN was first assigned on or after January 1, 2004, then they must meet additional requirements under Section 211 of the Social Security Protection Act of 2004 (Public Law 108-203), to be insured and to establish entitlement based on their earnings. See RS 00301.102 for a full discussion of these requirements.

C. Example

The NH's DOB is 3/09/54 and the earnings record is as follows:

1973 CCNN

1981 CCNN

1989 NNNN

1974 NNNN

1982 CCCC

1990 NNNN

1975 CCCC

1983 NNNN


1976 CCCC

1984 NNNN


1977 NNNN

1985 CCCC


1978 NNNN

1986 CCCC


1979 NNNN

1987 CCNN


1980 CCNN

1988 CCNN


The NH last meets 20/40 insured as of 6/30/90. The 3/80 and 6/80 QC's were based on annual postings so it is permissible to move them to the 9 /80 and 12/80 quarter. As of 1990, this NH needs 14 QC's to be fully insured. They have 30 QC's so DLI is 6/30/90.

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