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RS 00605.374 WEP Coding and Post-Entitlement Alerts

A. Background

During the initial claim process, the NH is asked if he or she receives or will receive a pension based on non-covered earnings. SSA receives federal pension data from OPM that is accessed when an initial claim is filed. If the WEP is considered but not applied, or WEP is applicable, the information is coded on the MBR. If this data is not coded in the initial claims process, a post-entitlement matching operation has been developed. It will detect omissions about a federal pension during a computer-matching program with OPM. This process compares MBR and OPM data and alerts those cases where a WEP PIA (PIFC “5” or “V”) is not present and WEP could apply based on date of birth and entitlement.

The first OPM-WEP match included all entitlements beginning with 1/86. Subsequent matches are used to detect new cases. An alert is generated to the processing center for review of the federal pension.

B. Procedure

1. WEP exclusions

If WEP was considered, but not applied, code the WEP exclusion as follows:

A - 30 or more YOC's
B - Date of eligibility before 1/86
C - Mandatory coverage provision (Federal Official) RS 01901.340
D - Non-profit organization
E - Pension under RRB
F - All service before 1957
G - Military Reservists
H - Administrative Finality
I - Other
J - Special Minimum PIA
K - Subsequent DIB Guarantee PIA

2. WEP applies

If WEP applies, see Chart on WEP Development RS 00605.367.

3. Post-entitlement alerts

OPM will generate an alert to the Payment Service Center (PSC) when the match criteria are met. Review alerts to determine if WEP should apply. Use acronyms in RS 00601.002 to interpret alert data. Annotate MBR with WEP exclusion code if WEP is not applicable, or see Chart on WEP Development, RS 00605.367 if WEP applies.

NOTE: OPM formerly used an indicator to show whether or not the DOE was accurate. That code is no longer used. Develop all dates of entitlement if NH disagrees with DOE on record. A 30-day adverse action notice is needed when processing WEP cases based on a computer match.

C. References

  • Administrative Finality GN 04010.001

  • WEP Exceptions RS 00605.362

  • WEP coding on an MCS screen MSOM ICD 004.002

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