TN 28 (08-99)

RS 00605.590 Deemed Military Wage Recalculations

A. Background

Beginning 1/1973, a $300 per calendar quarter DMW credit is provided for any quarter after 1956 in which the NH received any amount of pay for active military service (se RS 01701.002).

B. Policy - Effective Dates and Requirement

For those NHs receiving benefits prior to 1/1973, a recalculation under this section was effective 1/1973 or the twelfth month prior to the month the recalculation request was filed, whichever was later.

1. Entitlement began in or after 1/1973

For entitlement in or after 1/1973, DMW credits are used in the initial computation.

2. Entitlement began in 11/1972 or 12/1972

When entitlement to a monthly benefit began in 11/1972 or 12/1972 a written request was not needed. The recalculation was done automatically.

3. Entitlement began in 10/1972 or earlier

When entitlement to a monthly benefit began in 10/1972 or earlier a written request for recalculation was required. NOTE: On these cases any subsequent application for benefits is deemed to be a request for recalculation

C. Procedure - Request for DMW Recalculation

If a request for a DMW recalculation is received follow normal rules to determine if DMW credits are applicable.

1. Effective Date

  1. a. 

    If entitlement began in 11/1972 or later make the recalculation effective with the first month of entitlement.

  2. b. 

    If the entitlement began before 11/1972 make the change 12 months prior to the date of the request (or 1/1973 if later).

2. Documentation

Complete a Form SSA-795 (Statement of Claimant or Other Person) showing pertinent information such as branch of service, serial number and dates of service. Have the SSA-795 signed by NH or proper applicant.

3. Proof

Obtain proof of military service.

4. Earnings

A certified ER is not needed if the computation using SEQY, DEQY, POS, EC or ICF earnings matches the PIA shown on the MBR.

5. Recalculation

If the military service increases the PIA process the recalculation.

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