TN 24 (09-02)

RS 00615.774 Effect of Subsequent Actions


1. Simultaneously Entitled Child

A determination about the SSN a simultaneously entitled child will be paid on should be reevaluated only when one of the following events occurs:

  • A new beneficiary is entitled

  • A beneficiary terminates

  • One of the PIAs is recalculated or recomputed.

2. Effect

Any of these events may cause:

  • A change in the benefit amounts on the various records, or

  • The separation of the maximums on one SSN, or

  • The combining of maximums on another SSN.

A suspension, deduction, or offset event is not cause for re-determining the SSN on which to pay benefits and is not a factor in the initial determination of which SSN will be used for payment except for suspension due to EPE and EXR/IRP (See RS 00615.772B.2).

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