TN 24 (09-02)

RS 00615.776 Choosing Between Two or More SSNs


If entitlement exists on more than one SSN the simultaneously entitled child cannot choose on which of the SSNs she/he desires to be paid.


1. Restriction of Application

A child may restrict or withdraw his application to exclude entitlement on one or more SSNs if such restriction is in his best interests. If the child is entitled to SSI, the highest benefit possible should be pursued.

2. Not All Children File

When one of the children who are currently entitled to child's benefits on a particular SSN files an application for child's benefits on another SSN, all such children who could also be entitled on the second SSN are automatically entitled on that SSN.


Combined maximums. See RS 00615.770 - RS 00615.772

Child's entitlement. See RS 00203.060

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