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RS 00620.055 Work Recomputation Applicability in Death Cases

A. Work recomputation requirements in death cases

1. General requirements for work recomputations

The following are requirements for work recomputation:

  1. a. 

    A survivors work recomputation may apply if the NH meets all the following requirements:

  2. b. 

    When the NH died in the qualifying year, you may include earnings for that year. The increase is effective no earlier than the month of death.

  3. c. 

    Retroactivity is no more than 12 months.

2. Application requirement for work recomputation

Death cases do not require a recomputation application:

  • If no survivors are entitled to auxiliary benefits at the time of the NH's death, we consider the work recomputation when a claimant files an application for survivor or lump sum (LS) benefits.

  • If survivors are entitled, we consider the work recomputation automatically.

B. Computing the survivors work recomputation

Calculate the recomputation as if the deceased NH became entitled to a work recomputation after the qualifying year.

A transitional work recomputation may be involved where:

  • the NH was entitled before 1961 and died after 1960

  • the NH's PIA was never increased by a work recomputation after 1960

Where the NH died in the year after the qualifying year and earnings for the year of death are:

  • available - earnings may be included as a base year; or

  • unavailable - consider a current year recomputation later.

If a 1960 computation was a previous consideration, use only the 1960 new start method. Earnings in the year of death may be included.

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