TN 6 (04-12)

RS 00620.073 11/1951 Railroad Recalculation

A. Processing a 11/1951 railroad (RR) recalculation

1. Requirements for processing RR recalculations

An automatic recalculation of the primary insurance amount (PIA) includes RR compensation for a number holder (NH) who meets all of the following:

  • was not a RR annuitant;

  • does not have 120 service months;

  • was entitled to retirement insurance benefits (RIB) before 11/1951; and

  • lived throughout 11/1951.

2. Application for RR recalculation of the PIA

A RR recalculation does not require an application in a life or a death case.

3. Retroactivity

Increases are payable beginning 11/1951 for the NH or for survivors and for a lump sum (LS) payment.

Compute or recompute under the rules in RS 00620.071 when:

  • the NH dies after 08/1950 and before 12/1951; and

  • we did not previously consider RR compensation.

4. Computation process for recalculations

Reopen the last computation or recalculation and include RR compensation to determine the PIA for months beginning 11/1951. RR compensation is creditable for quarters of coverage (QC) purposes and establishes increment years.

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