TN 12 (01-14)

RS 01602.200 Field Office (FO) Processing of a Survivor Claim with Railroad (RR) Service

A. Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) determines jurisdiction for survivor claims

Only one agency, either SSA or the RRB, can adjudicate a survivor claim, regardless of SSA insured status or RRB vested status. Only the RRB has the authority under the Railroad Retirement Act (RRA) to make the jurisdiction determination. For additional information on jurisdiction determination, see RS 01601.300. RRB must determine jurisdiction in all survivor claims when the deceased NH worked for the railroad. The Informational/Certified Earnings Record (ICER) or Disability, Railroad, Aliens, and Military Service (DRAMS) file may contain RRB’s jurisdiction determination.

B. FO action for a survivor claim with railroad (RR) earnings involved

This chart provides instructions for processing a survivor claim with RR earnings.



Survivor claim received.

Secure a jurisdiction determination by:

  • Querying DRAMS, per MSOM QUERIES 005.003; or

  • Requesting an ICER, if the RRB has not made a determination or MSOM is involved, according to MSOM ICERS 001.001.

Subsequent survivor claim received no more than four months after prior survivor entitlement.

Do not request another jurisdiction determination. The previous jurisdiction determination applies.

SSA has jurisdiction based on the RRB determination.

Process under normal procedures.

NOTE: SSA jurisdiction cases can still involve RR certification.

RRB has jurisdiction.

Transfer the claim to the RRB:

  • Print the claim and transfer the claim package to the RRB under the cover of an OF-41, Routing and Transmittal Slip.

  • Annotate the OF-41, Routing and Transmittal Slip, “RRB Jurisdiction”.

  • MANCLR the claim.

  • Include a hardcopy of the DAPR as a record of SSA’s earnings record.

  • Send to the RRB at:

    Railroad Retirement Board
    844 North Rush Street
    Chicago, IL 60611
  • Notify the survivor or proper applicant of the transfer according to RS 01602.200C. of this section.

C. Notifying a survivor or proper applicant that the RRB has jurisdiction

This chart provides notification instructions when RRB has jurisdiction.



FO will not take an award or disallowance action because the RRB has jurisdiction.

Notify the survivor or proper applicant of claim transfer to RRB. For notice language, see NL 00703.319.

Survivor or proper applicant insists on a formal determination

Follow GN 03102.175 to process a reconsideration determination on the issue that SSA does not have a claim as the RRB has jurisdiction.

D. Handling pending survivor claim material when RRB has jurisdiction

1. Survivor not eligible for a Social Security (SS) auxiliary (life) benefit or retirement insurance benefit (RIB) on another record

This chart provides instructions for disposing of claim material when the RRB has jurisdiction.