RS BOS01702.110 Evidence Of Military Service — National Guard In CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, And VT


Service members who served in any of the six New England States (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont) National Guard can request verification of their active duty period by contacting the various State Adjutants General offices at the addresses listed in POMS RS 01404.315. This section lists additional alternative contacts and phone numbers not listed in POMS that can also be used for Service members who served in these States.


Follow the instructions below for additional contacts for the States listed:

1. Connecticut

  1. Air National Guard:

    Senior Master Sergeant Kristine Toro

    (860) 548-3221

  2. Army National Guard:

    Josie Preister or
    Military Administrative Officer John Raphael

    (860) 524-4968

2. Maine

These departments will verify verbally over the phone. If verification is needed in writing they require a release from the veteran.

  1. Air National Guard:
    Colonel Don McCormack
    207) 626-4327
    fax (207) 626- 4326

  2. Army National Guard:

    Rita Tompkins, Dept. of Defense,

    Veterans and Emergency Management

    (207) 626-4353

    fax (207) 626-4233.

3. Massachusetts

  1. Air National Guard:
    Chief Master Sergeant John Dececchi,

    Military Personnel Management Officer
    (508) 233-6543.

  2. Army National Guard:

    • For retirement or end of service prior to 1994
      (508) 233-6738

    • For retirement or end of service 1994 or later
      Sergeant William Glavin
      Personnel Records Sergeant
      (508) 233-6777

4. New Hampshire

Adjutant General phone number
(603) 225-1380
fax (603) 225-1341.

5. Rhode Island

  1. Air National Guard:
    Technical Sergeant Virginia McKenna or

    Chief Master Sergeant Wally Musto

    (401) 457-4119.

  2. Army National Guard:
    Sergeant First Class Maureen Ryan,

    Personnel Technician
    (401) 457-4198 or

    Lieutenant Colonel Walsh

    (401) 457-4136.

  3. Adjutant General phone number

    (401) 457-4100

6. Vermont

Air National Guard:

Master Sergeant Lynn Burns,
Personnel Technician or

Senior Master Sergeant Tracy Stout

(802) 338-3126.

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