TN 16 (11-96)

RS 02001.206 Certificates of Coverage for Detached Workers - U.S. Norwegian Agreement

Each country will accept a certificate of coverage as proof that the temporary employment in that country is exempt from Social Security coverage in that country and subject to the laws on coverage of only the other country. Exceptions to the detached worker rule described in RS 02001.205 may be granted on an individual case basis. Both the U.S. and Norway must agree to the exception and the employer must remain covered by one of the systems.

Requests for certificates of coverage must be made by the employer. While there is no special form for this purpose, the request must be in writing and must contain the following information: full name of employee; date and place of birth; citizenship; country of permanent residence; U.S. Social Security number; address of employee in Norway (if known); date of transfer to the other country; and expected completion date of temporary assignment. The following information is needed regarding accompanying spouse and children: name; date and place of birth; Norwegian personal number, if any. The name and address of the employer both in the U.S. and Norway.

The request should be sent to the agency of the country which will provide social insurance coverage for the worker. A certificate of U.S. Social Security coverage exempting a worker from Norwegian coverage should be requested from the SSA. If exemption from U.S. coverage is requested, write to:

NAV utland
Postboks 8138 Dep.
0033 Olso

Certificate will be issued to the employer in two copies, one for the employer and one for the employee. The employer is responsible for keeping a copy on file. It will serve as proof of exemption from coverage in the other country.

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