TN 16 (11-96)

RS 02001.430 Special Exceptions to the Coverage Rules - U.S. Swedish Agreement

The coverage rules described in RS 02001.415 - RS 02001.425 were intended to cover the great majority of situations where a worker would otherwise be subject to coverage by both Sweden and the United States. However, it was recognized that the rules might not cover all situations, or that they might have unintended results in certain cases. Therefore, a special exception provision was included in the agreement.

Under the exception provision, an employee, employer or self-employed person may request an exception to the coverage rules in the agreement. There are no specific criteria for determining when an exception will be granted. However, both countries must concur in the granting of the exception. If either country does not concur with a proposed exception, the worker will be covered in accordance with the applicable coverage rule of the agreement.

A worker or employer who wishes to apply for an exception should write to the appropriate agency in the country where the worker wishes to be covered. The letter should give all the information necessary to issue a certificate of coverage as shown in RS 02001.435 and explain why the exception is desired.

The country that receives the request will evaluate it to determine if it merits approval. If it concurs with the request for an exception, it will forward the request to the appropriate agency in the other country for consideration. If the other country also concurs, a certificate of coverage may then be issued by the country which will provide the coverage.

If an exception is desired to permit U.S. coverage in situations where the agreement would ordinarily assign the worker's coverage to Sweden, the request should be sent to the Division of International Program Policy and Agreements at the address in RS 02001.435.

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RS 02001.430 - Special Exceptions to the Coverage Rules - U.S. Swedish Agreement - 12/10/2002
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