RS 02001.528 Rule for Government Employees - U.S. French Agreement


In general, nationals of a country who work abroad in the diplomatic or consular services of their country are exempt, under the Vienna Conventions, from social security coverage and contributions under the laws of the host country unless that exemption has been specifically waived.

The Conventions, to which both the United States and France are parties, apply to:

  • members of the staff of a diplomatic or consular mission, including the diplomatic, consular, administrative, and technical staffs;

  • dependents of members of those staffs;

  • the domestic service staff of those missions; and

  • the private servants employed by members of such missions, under certain conditions.


This chart explains the agreement's coverage exceptions for Government employees.


Agreement Provision

Vienna Conventions apply

no change in coverage


Vienna Conventions do not apply

—employee remains exempt from host country coverage

  • U.S. national employed by U.S. Government in France—U.S. coverage applies (Social Security and/or Federal Pension Program)

  • French national employed by French Government in the U.S.—French coverage


U.S. Citizens Employed by Foreign Governments, RS 01802.050

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