TN 9 (04-97)

RS 02650.142 Resumption of Payments to Beneficiaries in Armenia


SSA is reviewing its records to identify those cases in which no payments were made, or benefits were suspended, because the beneficiary was in Armenia. The files are being reviewed to identify those in which the:

  • beneficiary is still in Armenia;

  • file contains a complete address; and

  • beneficiary's entitlement has not been terminated.


Before payments can be resumed to a beneficiary in Armenia, the beneficiary must establish:

  • his/her identity in a personal interview with a representative of the U.S. Embassy in Armenia;

  • no termination or deduction events have occurred since the beneficiary moved to Armenia (or other part of the former Soviet Union); and

  • his/her current eligibility to receive benefits.


Notices will be sent to the beneficiaries identified in RS 02650.142A. advising them that payments can now be made to beneficiaries in Armenia. The beneficiaries will be advised to contact the U.S. Embassy for assistance in having their benefits resumed or for assistance in determining whether they can receive any payments.

EXCEPTION: No notice will be sent to beneficiaries who do not meet an exception to the alien nonpayment provisions unless it appears that some benefits may be due them for the first 6 months they were outside the United States.


When the Embassy is contacted by, or on behalf of, one of the beneficiaries whose benefits could be resumed, it will take action as explained in RS 02650.142B.

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RS 02650.142 - Resumption of Payments to Beneficiaries in Armenia - 04/03/1997
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