TN 8 (10-02)

RS 02803.001 Introduction

When a case meets the critical case definition as stated in RS 02801.001 ff., a method for processing the critical payment(s) must be decided upon. Several processing methods are available. This subchapter discusses the various methods and provides guidelines for their use.


The Critical Payment System (CPS) is the preferred method for processing critical case payments. The CPS permits FOs/TSCs to initiate either a one-time payment or repetitive payments by means of direct input.

In extremely critical or sensitive cases, the Immediate Payment Process (IPP) may be used. The IPP permits immediate payment to be made to the beneficiary by the FO third party draft. CPS is used to record title II immediate payments.

Detailed information about the CPS and instructions about how to initiate CPS payments are located in SM 00635.001 ff. This subchapter discusses CPS controls, processing center (PC) handling, etc., relative to the critical case process.


When normal payment methods (e.g., direct input via POS, AJS, Change of Address, etc., or MADCAP/MCS) cannot be made, critical payments may be made by CPS or manual one-check-only SPS- payments outside the MADCAP/MCS systems. (CPS is the preferred payment method - see SM 00635.001 ff. Use SPS- only as a last resort.)

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