TN 8 (10-02)

RS 02803.005 Alternative Processing Methods


When interviewing beneficiaries in problem situations, always use direct input where possible, particularly when a change of address, reinstatement of student benefits, or work notice is involved. It is the preferred method of reinstating benefits and resolving the problem since less subsequent handling will be required.

See MSOM T2PE 003.001 and MSOM T2PE 003.001.


Employees in processing centers who are responsible for handling critical cases must make full use of their expertise to determine the most appropriate method of processing. Often the critical situation can be alleviated just as expeditiously by means of a MADCAP/MCS action. When CPS is initiated or an SPS payment is made by the PC, process a MADCAP/MCS action the following day (or as soon as possible). Use discretion in deciding which method (or combination of methods) of processing will best serve the beneficiary.

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