TN 10 (08-21)

RS 02803.130 Immediate Payment Process

In certain critical/sensitive cases, an immediate payment may be made from the field office (FO) third party payment system (TPPS). The criteria and procedures stated in RS 02801.010 must be met for a beneficiary to qualify for an immediate payment.

A. Verify entitlement

Request a Master Beneficiary Record (MBR) and/or Payment History Update System (PHUS) query to verify that payment is due and that the beneficiary meets the critical case definition (as stated in RS 02801.001). For disability cases in which the number holder is age 54 or older, review Processing Center Action Control System (PCACS) or the Evidence Portal (EP) to verify the Payment Center (PC) of jurisdiction. See RS 02803.045B.

Follow the instructions in RS 02801.010 for issuing immediate payments.

B. Concurrent cases

In concurrent cases where the immediate payment is being made from Title II benefits, solicit all retroactive Title II data from the PC. (This can be done by MDW, phone or fax.) Provide the PC with the resultant windfall noncountable income (WNC) amount.

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