TN 8 (10-02)

RS 02803.300 Receipt of Critical Case Request for Payment

A. Introduction

If the MBR data reveal that action could have been taken by the FO to resolve the problem (e.g., direct input, further beneficiary interviews, etc.), the request is inappropriate. So as not to further inconvenience the beneficiary, give the inappropriate request the same expeditious processing as other Critical Case Requests. Notify the FO that this could have been resolved locally and that it constitutes an improper Critical Case Request. Refer to RS 02803.400 for instructions when a case is deemed to be an incorrect critical case referral.

B. PC Processing Guidelines

Certain types of situations are excluded from CPS processing. These are listed in SM 00635.001. Processing alternatives are shown below:



RR Certification Cases

Furnish payment information to the RRB by telephone. (See RS 02809.001 ff. for details.)

RRB Jurisdiction of Survivor Benefits Pending

Do not routinely make payment Call RRB, Customer Service Representative, at (312) 751-7106. Explain that the case is critical and request that the determination of jurisdiction be expedited.

Payment to a Foreign Address

Refer the case to the International Office of International Operations (OIO) NOTE: OIO is permitted to make CPS payments to foreign addresses.

Change of Payee

If there is sufficient information to make a change of payee available, use CPS.

Disability Decision is ODO Jurisdiction

If the PSC has the case information and/or notice of approved disability determination, use CPS.

Expedited Payment (205(q)2) Cases

Use CPS unless the situation is precluded by one of the exclusions shown in RS 02801.001.
NOTE: Do not initiate payment until Form SSA-1877 is received.

Invalid MBR Condition

Prepare a one-check-only A- action.

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