RS 02805.001 General

Initiate expedited payment procedures when the beneficiary has made a written request under sec. 205(q)(2) of the Act, and the other criteria of that section are met. Retirement Survivors Insurance (RSI) monthly benefits must be involved and either:

  1. A. 

    An initial claim or resumption of payment is pending and the person files a written request for payment after 90 days have elapsed from the date the payment is allegedly due or after the date on which the claimant submitted the last information requested by the Secretary, whichever or later, or

  2. B. 

    An interruption in payment occurs and the beneficiary files a written request for expedited payment 30 days after the 15th of the month in which the benefit payment was allegedly due.

    NOTE: In certain situations involving survivors, preliminary payment may be made notwithstanding the above time requirements (see RS 02807.001 ff.)

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